Cacaxtla, the impressive vestige of the Olmeca - Xicalanca civilization, is located 12 miles from Tlaxcala. This is one of the most important archeological sites in the center of Mexico and the most popular attraction in the area. Cacaxtla reached its splendor in 650-900 A.D. when its inhabitants dominated the South of Tlaxcala and part of Puebla. In Cacaxtla, it's possible to admire spectacular, perfectly preserved Pre-Hispanic murals, which depict the different stages of this culture, including its battles and the pyramids where they use to live.

On site, there is also an interesting museum with an incredible exhibition of deformed craniums, bones, arrows, knives and marine shells from the Mexican Gulf. For protection from the elements the Great Basement is covered by an enormous roof, constructed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Close to Cacaxtla, take a stroll around Xochitecatl, another interesting archeological site comprised of 4 buildings: the Pyramid of Flowers, the Pyramid of Snakes, the Spiral Pyramid and the Volcano Basement.

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The Great Basement is an 82 ft. high pyramid, complete with amazing passageways, patios and temples. The murals of the Red Temple are gorgeous, as well as the "Battle Mural", which is 72 feet long.

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